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LINK Thinks is a space for members and others to express their views about Scotland’s environment. If you would like to contribute a blog please contact The opinions expressed in this blog are the author's and not necessarily those of the wider LINK membership.

Food for thought

22 Oct 2015

While our Indian summer helped Scottish farmers bring the harvest in, challenging times still lie ahead for farming. Lower subsidies for some, along with low commodity prices and a weak Euro, all put pressure on farm incomes. Scottish Environment LINK brings together more than 35 environmental organisations to protect and enhance nature and wildlife on […]

One step towards getting land use on the right track

12 Oct 2015

Land reform is back on the agenda in Scotland with a new Bill now passing through Parliament. While most of the media coverage of this issue has centred around the inequitable pattern of land ownership in Scotland, it’s the use of our land, its management and stewardship, which is of more concern for environmental organisations. […]

In Practice: Planning for Scotland’s Seas

21 Jul 2015

For decades now, Scotland has managed activities within its seas, such as renewables, oil and gas development and aquaculture, through separate, sector-specific planning guidance – but now things are changing. Serious declines in the health of our marine environment as a result of human activities at sea and around our coasts became an urgent driver […]

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize of healthier seas

21 Jul 2015

There is sometimes a wee temptation to get carried away with good news, but this summer there are promising signs of change for Scotland’s seas – in the form of proposals to better safeguard 16 marine protected areas (MPAs) in our inshore waters, and thus help provide the breeding grounds for marine recovery. When first […]

Does GDP measure what really matters?

15 Jul 2015

Dr Phoebe Cochrane, LINK’s Sustainable Economics Policy Officer GDP figures released today for Scotland show us that the Scottish economy grew by 0.6% during the first quarter of 2015.  GDP is the most widely reported metric and to increase GDP is a central aim of many governments, including the Scottish Government.  However, GDP is very […]

Freedom of information is a hard-won right

05 May 2015

THIS is an issue that needs to be confronted, says Kevin Dunion. What has Europe ever done for us? Depending on the outcome of the general election, we may be assailed with claims that it is interfering and wasteful, with others stoutly defending its role in lowering trade barriers and upholding commonly agreed standards from […]

A sustainable policy needed for our land

11 Mar 2015

OWNERSHIP is less important than stewardship, says John Thomson In obvious respects, a nation’s land defines it, and helps to shape its culture. So it is hardly surprising that questions relating to land have come to the fore in the continuing ferment of debate about Scotland’s future. Unsurprisingly, given the remarkable concentration of landownership in […]

Species Champions show their love this Valentine’s

13 Feb 2015

Its nearly Valentine’s Day & our Species Champion MSPs have been busy showing their love for Scotland’s biodiversity! This Valentine, Species Champions are showing their love for their species as part of Stop Climate Chaos’ For the Love Campaign (FTLO). FTLO gives people a way of showing what they love and how concerned they are […]

Champion on the prowl for nocturnal tigers!

03 Feb 2015

Yet again, we’re delighted that another amazing species has been championed. This time the stunning Garden Tiger which is predominantly active at night has been championed by Margaret McCulloch MSP for Central Scotland.

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