LINK’s Freshwater Group aims to promote good management of activities in our lochs, rivers and wetlands

LINK’s Freshwater Group aims to promote good management of activities in our lochs, rivers and wetlands. The condition of freshwater has major implications for our biodiversity, health, enjoyment of the countryside and economy.


Craig Macadam, Buglife

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Juliet Caldwell

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Set Scotland’s rivers free

12 Jul 2022

Scotland is renowned for its rivers and lochs. Our freshwaters provide a home to iconic species such as Atlantic Salmon and Freshwater Pearl Mussels. They provide drinking water, and are used to generate electricity. They support game fisheries, and are essential for the production of food and drinks, including whisky. Freshwaters are important for our […]

World Wetlands Day 2022

02 Feb 2022

Today we celebrate World Wetlands Day! Scotland has many amazing wetlands that are not only sites of important biodiversity but also provide a unique home to a wide variety of wildlife. Wetlands provide many of the things which society relies upon such as clean water, flood protection, carbon storage, and are also great places for […]

Delivering Ocean Recovery to Achieve the COP26 Goals

08 Nov 2021

A blog by Fanny Royanez, LINK’S Marine Policy and Engagement Officer To mark the COP26 Presidency Theme ‘Adaptation, loss and damage’, Fanny highlights how COP26 is unique opportunity for governments across the UK to champion the importance of ocean recovery to help tackle the climate crisis.   We live on Planet Ocean. Over 70% of […]

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