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Scottish Parliament dives into detail of MPAs

02 Sep 2014

This month, the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs Climate Change & Environment (RACCE) Committee took the welcome step of exercising its role of post-legislative scrutiny – and lent its analytical lens to the important issue of Marine Protected Area project and its continued implementation. For anyone not following the detail of what has been a complex […]

MPA proposals signal move towards recovery

14 Dec 2012

Plans announced today (14th December 2012) for 33 nature conservation Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been welcomed by a coalition of Scotland’s environmental groups as an important step towards the much-needed recovery of Scotland’s seas. Scottish Environment LINK’s marine taskforce contends that a network of Marine Protected Areas cannot afford to simply protect what’s left […]

Scottish seabirds crying out for MPAs

05 Dec 2012

It’s a slightly scary image: an Arctic tern in full, squawking flight. But it’s not half as scary as the message it carries. For the past 30 years, Scottish populations of Sterna paradisaea have been in free-fall, plummeting by 72% to less than 50,000 breeding pairs. This is not an isolated story. Other Scottish seabird […]

FAME project highlights crucial moment for Scottish seabirds

11 Oct 2012

RSPB Scotland’s Tessa Cole explains how a ground-breaking bird-tagging initiative has inspired an art exhibition and raises the profile of seabirds at a critical chapter in Scottish legislative history A pioneering programme, fitting tiny sat-nav style tags to seabirds, is the inspiration behind a new exhibition opening this weekend at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery & […]

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