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Scotland’s environment post-Brexit: assessing the success of the EU Continuity Bill

26 Jan 2021

Scotland’s EU Continuity Bill was passed by MSPs on 22 December 2020. This bill is an important one for Scotland’s natural environment, as it aims to ensure that the environmental safeguards that came with EU membership remain in place now that the UK has left the EU.


Vote secures some key post-Brexit nature protections, but major gaps remain

22 Dec 2020

Today MSPs at Holyrood voted to pass the EU Continuity Bill, setting out how Scotland will protect its natural environment from 1 January 2021, when the crucial environmental safeguards that come with EU membership cease to apply. The Fight for Scotland’s Nature campaign has called since 2018 for strong new laws to protect and restore […]


Days to go before crucial vote to protect Scotland’s environment post-Brexit

18 Dec 2020

Scottish Environment LINK has warned Scotland’s natural environment and wildlife remain at grave risk unless major gaps in new Scottish nature laws are closed before Brexit.


Welcome improvements to Scotland’s EU exit laws, but bill must go further for nature

25 Nov 2020

Scottish Environment LINK, a coalition of Scotland’s leading environmental charities, has today welcomed initial improvements to the Scottish Government’s EU Continuity Bill, which delivers crucial post-Brexit environmental protections, including an environment watchdog.


Scotland’s new environment watchdog must provide real recourse to justice

16 Nov 2020

When a local beauty spot – a beach, a wood, a hillside – comes under threat, local people are very often its most passionate defenders. Meetings are held, alliances formed, knowledge rapidly acquired and shared, and politicians lobbied in a quest to save a much-loved piece of nature.


Why we must have an independent environment watchdog for Scotland

12 Oct 2020

Last month, the Scottish Government declared responsibility for transformative change for nature. With 1 in 9 species at risk of extinction in Scotland and the world failing to meet its commitments for nature, we must take immediate action to enact laws that protect and enhance the nature around us before it is gone forever.


UK internal market could seriously harm Scotland’s environment

13 Aug 2020

Scottish Environment LINK, a coalition of Scotland’s leading environment charities, has warned the UK government that its plan to create a UK internal market could seriously harm Scotland’s natural environment by dragging down standards.


Scotland’s new environment watchdog needs more teeth

23 Jul 2020

How fully does the Scottish Government's proposed new environment watchdog replace the oversight and enforcement functions previously carried out by EU institutions? Will it have the independence, powers and resources required to hold government to account on environmental matters?


How good are Scotland’s new draft environment laws?

13 Jul 2020

If you believe your local environment is being harmed due to the failure of a public body to meet environmental standards, you can raise an official complaint and request an investigation. Well, you can until the end of December 2020, that is, when the Brexit transition period ends. A major benefit of EU membership is […]

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