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Campaigners welcome legislation for post-Brexit environmental protections

19 Jun 2020

Scottish Environment LINK has today welcomed the Scottish government’s announcement of a new EU Continuity Bill to safeguard vital environmental protections that would otherwise be lost in December this year, at the end of the Brexit transition period.


Environmental Watchdog Essential for a Post COVID-19 Green Recovery in Scotland

04 Jun 2020

Following the Scottish government’s recent announcement that refusal to extend the Brexit transition would have a damaging impact on Scotland’s recovery from the Covid-19 crisis [1], Scottish Environment LINK (LINK), a coalition of Scotland’s leading environmental charities has warned that the accompanying loss of EU environmental protections for Scotland would also put at risk ambitions […]


Campaigners welcome new Scottish environment strategy

25 Feb 2020

Scotland’s leading environment charities have welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement today of an environment strategy, applauding the government’s commitment to restore nature and end Scotland’s contribution to climate change. They have called on the government to back up its commitment with legally binding targets for nature recovery. The charities, members of Scottish Environment LINK and behind the Fight for Scotland’s Nature


Environmental protection must be a priority for a post-Brexit Scotland

03 Feb 2020

We, Scotland’s people, love our nature. Our beautiful and varied natural environment is integral to who we are and how we see ourselves. Yet we know that nature is in trouble and needs our help. The start of a new decade provides us with unique opportunities we must seize. This year, in which Scotland hosts the UN Climate Summit for the first time, we must focus on our ailing planet and the chance we still have to put things right.


Brexit trade deals could threaten iconic Scottish wildlife, say leading charities

27 Jan 2020

Brexit trade deals could put iconic Scottish wildlife at risk at a time when 1 in 9 species in Scotland are at risk of extinction, say a group of leading environmental charities. Otters, bottlenose dolphins, puffins, bats, Golden eagle and osprey are among a host of species that will face increased threats after 31 January. Many of Scotland’s most important wildlife species and habitats benefit from high levels of protection originating from the EU.


Nature’s allies at Holyrood

28 Nov 2019

The huge and vital challenge of tackling the joint nature and climate emergencies means our natural world needs allies like never before. Today, we’re celebrating the commitment made by Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to Stand Up for Nature. Fifty-one MSPs from across the political parties, many of whom are also species champions, have signed the pledge launched by Scottish Environment LINK to work for the protection, recovery and enhancement of Scotland’s natural environment.


Why do we need a watchdog?

14 Nov 2019

European Union protections have played a significant role in protecting our natural environment and stemming the tide of environmental decline in Scotland. There is a risk that many of these protections will be lost if the UK leaves the EU. Regardless of the Brexit scenario, the joint nature and climate crises mean that the Scottish Government needs to strengthen environmental laws, to enforce environmental protection and reverse the declines of habitats and species.


Campaigners welcome Scottish Government’s ‘No Deal’ environment safeguards

30 Oct 2019

Leading environmental charities have welcomed a plan announced by Scotland’s Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham to set up an interim advisory panel to safeguard Scotland’s environmental standards in the event of a No Deal Brexit. Although the EU has this week granted an extension to Article 50, avoiding a No Deal exit on 31 October, this does not take No Deal entirely off the table.


We run a marine tourism business and we support the Fight for Scotland’s Nature

15 Oct 2019

We have seen a huge improvement in the wildlife and diversity in the region, including a very significant increase in abundance of species such as jewel anemones which require clear water, more fish and a 286 per cent increase in porpoise. EU legislation has led to greater protection of Scotland's wildlife and it is vital that this continues post-Brexit.

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