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A No Deal Brexit is No Good for Scotland’s Environment

12 Mar 2019

Environmental protections have been referenced a lot in the context of Brexit. And with good reason: overall, joint action across the EU has been a good thing, enabling us to tackle environmental issues such as pollution and climate change in a coordinated way across 28 different countries. Environmental policy has been an EU competence for […]


Why we need a new watchdog to guard Scotland’s natural environment

08 Mar 2019

Brexit has kicked off a debate across the UK about Environmental Governance, but what do we actually mean by this and how could it affect our iconic wildlife here in Scotland?
Environmental Governance is essentially about environmental protections being turned into action.


Should the polluter pay?

07 Mar 2019

Yes, is the resounding answer. This is why environmental charities are calling for this principle to be embedded in Scots law, alongside other important environmental law principles. What is the polluter pays principle? It is only logical that those who produce pollution should bear the costs of managing it.  This helps prevent damage to human […]


Throwing precaution to the wind?

01 Mar 2019

Our campaign, Fight for Scotland’s Nature, is calling on Scottish Government to introduce a Scottish Environment Act. First and foremost the Act must embed EU and internationally recognised principles of environmental law in Scots law. One of these principles is the ‘precautionary principle’. You may have not heard of the precautionary principle before, but we […]


The Implications of Brexit for Scotland’s Environment – A view from the Royal Society of Edinburgh

21 Feb 2019

By William Hardie, RSE Policy Advice Manager Last November, the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) published an advice paper examining the implications of Brexit for Scotland’s environment. It noted that withdrawal from the EU poses significant challenges to the maintenance and improvement of the quality of Scotland’s environment unless current EU arrangements are adopted in UK […]


Brexit and beyond: protecting Scotland’s environment – a first take on the Scottish Government Environmental Principles and Governance Consultation

19 Feb 2019

On 16 February, the Scottish Government issued a consultation on environmental principles and governance in Scotland. It is easy to miss the importance of this – after all what do principles and governance mean in practice? Quite a bit as it turns out! From fracking to GMOs and from the introduction of a deposit return […]


Environmental Charities Demand Concrete Action for Scotland’s Nature

16 Feb 2019

Scottish Environment LINK, a coalition of 35 Scottish environmental charities, has welcomed the much-awaited Scottish Government consultation on environmental principles and governance in Scotland. At a time of great ecological crisis, the charities believe that the prospect of Brexit threatens to unravel critical environmental protections, and are urging members of the public to respond to […]


Environmental Rights are Human Rights

14 Dec 2018

On Monday 10 December, celebrated across the globe as the International Human Rights Day, the First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human Rights Leadership published its recommendations on “how Scotland can continue to lead by example in the field of human rights”.  Entitled “Recommendations for a new human rights framework to improve people’s lives”, the report […]

Fighting for Scotland’s Nature a blog by Alistair Whyte, Head of Plantlife Scotland

06 Dec 2018

Blog by Alistair Whyte   Scotland is a fantastic place for nature, and plants are a huge part of what’s special about it. From the arctic-alpine wildflowers of our highest summits, to the vibrant, flower-studded machair of the Hebrides, or the Atlantic rainforests of the west coast dripping with lichens, the diversity of our plant […]

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