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Map of Scottish nature conservation MPAs

Zoom in to explore the map and find out more about Scotland’s nature conservation MPAs and how the Scottish Government is proposing to manage them. For more information see the Marine Scotland’s official info sheet.


Content via Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Group, Marine Scotland and Geographic Data from Scottish Natural Heritage, 2015 Made available under OGL 

    • No Take Zone
    • Trawling, Creeling & Dredging banned
    • Trawling & Dredging Banned
    • Dredging Banned
    • Trawling Banned
    • Trawling & Dredging Restricted
    • Trawling Restricted
    • Creeling Banned
    • Creeling Restricted

Map created for the LINK Marine Group by DATA BY DESIGN

Contact the Save Scottish Seas team
Contact the Save Scottish Seas team

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