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A coalition of environmental charities, working with the collective vision of achieving healthy, well-managed seas, where wildlife and coastal communities are flourishing and ecosystems are protected, connected and thriving.

Scotland’s Marine Atlas reveals some worrying trends. As shown by the map below, the health of a staggering proportion of Scotland’s marine habitat is already damaged and it’s health deteriorating. These habitats – from seagrass beds to cold water corals, rocky shores to mud and sand – support a vast array of birds, fish and marine mammals. These animals, many of whom are also struggling, rely on the health of these habitats to survive.

The status quo is not acceptable, we need to take action to enhance our seas now. The Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, and the UK Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009, provide us with the best chance in our lifetimes to restore Scotland’s seas to better health, abundance and productivity. Find out about the tools, such as Marine Protected Areas, we can use to protect and recover our seas so we can enjoy and benefit from them for many years to come.

Why not tell us why you love Scotland’s seas and why you want Marine Protected Areas created to help see them restored. You can see what others think too.

Contact the Save Scottish Seas team
Contact the Save Scottish Seas team

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