South-east Fladen MPA

Map of SE Fladen MPA (Scottish marine protected area)

The South-east Fladen MPA was proposed as an MPA as part of the MPA network consultation in 2013 but was not taken forward.

History of this MPA

The South-east Fladen possible MPA lies within the Fladen Grounds, a large area of mud in the northern North Sea named after the German word “fladen” meaning “flat cake”. This possible MPA includes a particular type of mud habitat that is characterised by feather-like soft corals called sea pens, and the burrows made by crustaceans such as mud shrimp and the Norway lobster (also known as the Dublin Bay prawn or langoustine). [1]

South East Fladen MPA site summary document

Download the South East Fladen MPA site summary document


Check out the official documents relating to the possible SE Fladen MPA on the Joint Nature Conservation Committee website.

[1] South East Fladen MPA site summary document, JNCC

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