Southern Trench (proposed MPA)

Map of Southern Trench MPA (Scottish marine protected area)The Scottish Government’s MPA proposal for this site has been delayed. A consultation to designate this MPA is expected later this year. Save Scottish Seas campaign members urge the Scottish Government to commit to extending the MPA network to properly protect vulnerable species and nationally important populations currently excluded from the proposals.

Formal advice was provided in 2014 by SNH for the designation of this MPA, along with the Sea of Hebrides MPA proposal, Shiant East Bank MPA proposal and North East Lewis MPA proposal. 

This site has been proposed for the protection of burrowed mud – an important habitat for many marine animals- , the iconic minke whale, shelf deeps and oceanic fronts as well as several geodiversity features.

Check out our news-blog to find out more about why the designation of this MPA is urgently needed.

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