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LINK Thinks is a space for members and others to express their views about Scotland’s environment. If you would like to contribute a blog please contact The opinions expressed in this blog are the author's and not necessarily those of the wider LINK membership.

We need a new watchdog to guard Scotland’s environment after Brexit

24 Jul 2019

If our natural environment is being harmed, and our government fails in its duty to protect it, who can we turn to? In 2012, conservation group WWF complained to the European Commission that the UK government hadn’t set up any protected areas for the harbour porpoise. With its chunky body, triangular fin and slow rolling […]

When Will Politicians Get a Grip on Hill Tracks?

10 Jul 2019

In June, the Scottish Government once again failed to take the opportunity to stop the unregulated construction of hilltracks, which is damaging some of Scotland’s most well-loved upland landscapes, when Ministers refused to support amendments to the Planning (Scotland) Bill which were put forward by Andy Wightman MSP of the Scottish Green Party. There was […]

Let’s make sustainable products that last – or the planet won’t

11 Jun 2019

Read our article by Dr Phoebe Cochrane, LINK’s Sustainable Economics Officer published in the Scotsman today. Climate change has been ­hitting the headlines ­recently and the Scottish Government has been one of the first to acknowledge the climate ­emergency and swiftly respond to scientific evidence that Scotland needs to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by […]

Acting now for climate change

10 Jun 2019

A blog by Deborah Long, LINK Chief Officer On 31 May, Francesca Oswaska, CEO of Scottish Natural Heritage, gave the RSE Peter Wilson lecture: Not too late to act for climate change. In her speech she described the challenging yet opportunity rich moment we find ourselves in. At LINK we would agree with the three […]

The time is now

15 May 2019

Read our latest blog from our Chief Officer, Deborah Long. The environment is back. It’s always been there of course, gradually changing but just recently a number of doors have been opened as collectively we start to recognise the enormity of the environmental challenges facing the world. LINK members use science and evidence on which […]

Getting to net zero by 2045: capturing nature’s true potential for tackling climate change

14 May 2019

We are in the midst of a climate emergency. Incontrovertible evidence presented by the IPCC published last October laid out the dramatic consequences of failing to contain global warming to a 1.5 C increase above pre-industrial levels. In response, governments in the UK asked our own climate science expert body, the UK Committee on Climate […]

Fresh eyes, new perspectives: a personal view of 2 year’s worth of change

07 May 2019

Read our latest blog from our Chief Officer, Deborah Long – After more than 17 years working for small environmental and cultural charities in Scotland, I left the eNGO sector for two years. And now I’m back. Coming back in with fresh eyes has been a revelation. Some things have changed and others haven’t but […]

Global biodiversity report: Where does Scotland stand?

06 May 2019

Scotland must take urgent action to halt its declining biodiversity, say campaigners following the release of a major global report revealing that one million animal and plant species worldwide are threatened with extinction. A ground-breaking assessment released today on the state of the planet’s nature found that human actions threaten more species with global extinction now than […]

The Lone Ranger?

09 Apr 2019

A popular feature of Scotland’s countryside for over 40 years is now experiencing a critical decline.  With this decline comes a threat to your enjoyment of the countryside and to the habitats and species that form our wonderful natural environment. What is this popular feature? Well, you may well have met them, heard them on […]

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