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Looking After your Environment is Good for your Health

05 Feb 2007

The well-being of Scottish citizens will be the primary concern of participants in 2007’s Scottish Environment week that starts today in the Scottish Parliament. Investing in Scotland’s environment is good for your health – will be the message of the week…

Global Warming a Threat to Tourism in Scotland

01 Feb 2007

Changes in weather patterns due to global warming threaten the tourist economy in Scotland, a conference in Edinburgh will report. Climate change will be one of the key issues discussed by speakers at a conference on sustainable tourism on 1st February at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, to launch Scottish Environment week…

Vital Planning Vote: MSPs Urged not to Ignore Communities and the Environment

14 Nov 2006

MSPs have been warned not to push through planning reforms that could actually threaten the environment and erode public confidence in the system…

Impacts of Unjust Planning Legislation Reveled in New Maps

13 Jun 2006

New maps produced by Scottish Environment LINK demonstrate the alarming implications of the Scottish Executive’s planning reforms for the first time. The maps reveal which areas of Scotland could be in line for major developments, including nuclear waste dumps, waste incinerators, nuclear power stations, landfill sites, prisons and electricity transmission lines if amendments to the […]

Tourist Industry should Join with First Minister in Supporting Scotland as World Champions

09 Jun 2006

Landscape campaigners are challenging Scotland’s tourist bosses to cease their attack on Scotland’s First Minister about who to support in the World Cup and spend more time positively supporting Scotland’s own world class player – its landscape. Landscape organisations have welcomed the Scottish Executive’s establishment of a Scottish Landscape Forum and will be devoting their […]

Disappointed and Disillusioned by Planning Reforms

10 May 2006

Local communities have, yet again, had their requests for real rights denied by the majority of the Scottish Parliament’s communities committee. The Stage 1 report published today concludes that a majority of the committee do not see any need for communities, local authorities or individuals to have the right to participate in a formal examination […]

LINK Welcomes Climate Targets

30 Mar 2006

We welcome the Government’s announcement to set Scottish targets to reduce emissions. We have long argued that this is a key part of ensuring that Scotland makes progress in tackling climate change. “We will now be keeping a close eye on the implementation of the strategy to ensure that it results in real cuts in […]

LINK Launches New Farmed Environment Audit and Welcomes Rural Development Strategy Consultation

09 Feb 2006

There has been varied success, in recent years, in improving environmental trends in Scotland’s farmed environment. While it is clear from the audit that some environmental issues, such as bathing water quality, have been improved during the last few years, a range of important environmental issues such as the contribution of agriculture to greenhouse gas […]

Celebrating Scotland’s Environment and its Benefits to Communities.

09 Feb 2006

Speaking at the reception, Fred Edwards (LINK President) will call the environment movement ‘prophetic’. He will argue that public perception about environmental issues has become ‘the stuff of headlines’ and the ‘There is the dawning of a wider realization of the seriousness of these matters’. He will praise the work done by the Executive on […]

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