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‘A fish fight could be avoided in Scotland’ say campaigners

05 Mar 2013

A campaign like Hugh’s Fish Fight can be avoided in Scotland if Scottish Ministers keep their commitment to strong implementation of the Marine Act, says members of Scottish Environment LINK

Unloved species desperate for a date

14 Feb 2013

Threatened and endangered wildlife in Scotland are looking for Parliamentary affection this Valentine’s Day. 93 species have been selected by Scottish Environment LINK’s Wildlife Forum as being in particular need of some political tender loving care, due to a range of pressures such as habitat fragmentation, climate change and pollution. The resulting list is part […]

Plea for ‘species champions’ in Scottish Parliament

25 Jan 2013

Environmental groups are calling upon MSPs to lend their political support for protection of the country’s threatened wildlife by becoming ‘Species Champions’

Scottish hill tracks still out of control, December 2012

17 Dec 2012

LINK press release reacting to Scottish Government’s announcement not to remove permitted development rights for agriculture and forestry tracks.

Environmental groups welcome step towards recovery of Scotland’s seas

14 Dec 2012

Plans announced today for 33 nature conservation Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been welcomed by a coalition of Scotland’s environmental groups as an important step towards the much-needed recovery of Scotland’s seas.

Scottish MPA Network worth £10billion

03 Dec 2012

Creating a network of Scottish marine protected areas (MPAs) could provide benefits to Scotland to the tune of £10billion, and potentially more, according to a report published today.

Good Management essential to success of offshore SACs

02 Nov 2012

Proposal to set up five new Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) in Scotland’s offshore waters have been enthusiatically welcomed by members of Scottish Environment LINK’s marine taskforce (MTF)

National Marine Plan delay threatens sustainablity agenda

11 Oct 2012

Environmental groups have expressed deep concern about the sector-led planning that threatens to sideline Scotland’s marine environment and the national sustainability agenda. Members of Scottish Environment LINK – an umbrella group for Scotland’s environmental organisations – argue that delays to finalising a National Marine Plan will favour short-termist, large-scale development without ensuring due consideration of […]

Protect marine wildlife to protect our livelihoods say tourism industry

02 Aug 2012

In a joint letter to Fergus Ewing, Minister for Tourism, tourism operators and businesses highlighted the substantial economic benefits provided by the country’s most fragile ecosystems. To read the letter to the Minister please click here.

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