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Referendum Challenge press release

27 Jun 2012

Scottish Environment LINK today issued a major policy challenge to the constitutional campaigns – tell us why YOUR option for change best meets OUR aspirations? In a leaflet, LINK has published its 10 point vision of a sustainable Scotland – including sustainable development to improve people’s lives, fighting climate change and protecting and enhancing our […]

LINK calls for details of party manifestos for the local elections

12 Mar 2012

Local Governance Taskforce Press Release – March 12th 2012 Scottish Environment LINK today called for a clarification from our political parties as to when manifestos for the local elections will be published. Enquiries have revealed that the parties are all relying on their local organisations in each of the 32 Council areas to publish manifestos, […]

Deer Taskforce response to Scottish Gamekeepers Association report

01 Mar 2012

Those with an interest in the future of deer management in Scotland have recently signed up to support the Scottish Government’s Code of Sustainable Deer Management. Far from the conflict that the SGA report portrays, there is increasing agreement on what needs to be done to manage deer populations sustainably for the benefit of our […]

Ross Finnie appointed President of LINK – press release

14 Dec 2011

Scottish Environment LINK (the umbrella body for Scotland’s environmental NGOs) has announced that Ross Finnie is to become its next President. Mr Finnie was a MSP from 1999-2011 and Cabinet Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment between 1999 and 2007. He will take up post as LINK President early next year, continuing the excellent […]

Joint Links press release on CAP reform proposals

09 Nov 2011

Unless the UK takes a strong line on making CAP payments, currently worth over £3 billion per year, do more towards maintaining and improving the natural environment and animal welfare, the current round of reforms may be little more then a ‘green-wash’ for the established status quo

Acting Locally press release

26 Oct 2011

Acting Locally, LINK’s Manifesto for the 2012 Scottish Council elections, is designed to assist politicians at all levels ensure that environmental matters are at the heart of their manifestos for the elections to Scotland’s Councils in May 2012.

Governance Matters – Press Release

19 Oct 2011

Scottish Environment LINK today  published a major report – Governance Matters, The Environment and Governance in Scotland – reviewing the environment movement’s experience of working with all branches of government since the 1999 re-establishment of the Scottish Parliament.  While welcoming the democratic progress made in Scotland since devolution, the report notes and offers criticism of serious […]

‘Patchy’ council commitment to the environment puts national targets at risk

20 Apr 2011

The patchy coverage of environmental issues across local authorities could be putting Scotland’s chances of meeting its national targets on issues such as climate change, public transport, biodiversity and active health at risk. See also: Delivering the Environment for our Communities: an Audit of Single Outcome Agreements

Scotland’s seas still in desperate need of T.L.C: well-managed Marine Protected Areas more vital than ever

21 Mar 2011

As the third session of the Scottish Parliament draws to a close, Scottish Environment LINK says Scotland’s seas are still in desperate need of some T.L.C. Today, LINK publishes a brand new report showing just what needs to be done. All political parties are now challenged to commit to delivering an ecologically coherent network of […]

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