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Scotland’s seas need a plan, say MSPs

22 Mar 2013

The future of Scotland’s sealife depends on a planning system for the sea, according to a committee of MSPs. In a letter sent to Paul Wheelhouse, Minister for Environment and Climate Change on Monday, MSPs on the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee stressed the importance of a coordinated National Marine Plan to ensure […]

Fair Isle community calls for MPA

11 Mar 2013

The people of Fair Isle are calling for better protection of their local marine environment. Nick Riddiford, chair of the Fair Isle Marine Environment and Tourism Initiative explains why a Marine Protected Area would help safeguard their sea, and their community. For the last 24 years the Fair Isle community, concerned at steady and unremitting […]

Scotland could avoid a fish fight

08 Mar 2013

A campaign like Hugh’s Fish Fight can be avoided in Scotland if Scottish Ministers keep their commitment to strong implementation of the Marine Act, say members of Scottish Environment LINK. Major concerns about marine protection in England and Wales have been raised by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s ‘Fish Fight’ campaign after initial plans for 127 marine […]

Scottish seabirds crying out for MPAs

05 Dec 2012

It’s a slightly scary image: an Arctic tern in full, squawking flight. But it’s not half as scary as the message it carries. For the past 30 years, Scottish populations of Sterna paradisaea have been in free-fall, plummeting by 72% to less than 50,000 breeding pairs. This is not an isolated story. Other Scottish seabird […]

Whales need help in busy seas

04 Dec 2012

This tail belongs to a Humpback whale. Not a lot of people know it, but these majestic mammals visit Scottish waters every year, as well as over 25 other species of whale and dolphin – from minke whales to harbour porpoises. And just as the whales and dolphins visit our seas, so do people – […]

Wildlife tourism firms join in plea for protection of Scotland’s seas

03 Aug 2012

A NUMBER of Scotland’s leading wildlife tourism businesses are calling on the Scottish Government to do more to protect and restore Scotland’s seas. Representatives of more than 20 organisations have sent a joint letter to Fergus Ewing, Scotland’s Minister for Tourism, highlighting the substantial economic benefits provided by the country’s most fragile ecosystems and demanding […]

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