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Environment Groups Welcome Announcement of New Planning Body for Scotland’s Seas

09 Feb 2009

We are delighted that Marine Scotland will become a reality. This new body must now develop and meet tough targets for the sustainable management, protection and recovery of Scotland’s seas. We believe that improved protection for marine wildlife, a comprehensive network of marine protected areas and a statutory planning system that furthers the conservation of […]

Report Reveals Vital role of Charities in Improving Scotland’s Biodiversity

17 Dec 2008

Scotland’s environmental charities are playing a pivotal role in helping to improve the biodiversity of Scotland, a new report revealed today (Wednesday 17th December). Scottish environmental charities have really shown their worth this year by taking the lead on numerous projects for people and wildlife which help meet the objectives of the Government’s Biodiversity Action […]

Environment Groups Welcome Historic Course Charted for UK Seas

02 Dec 2008

Scottish Environment LINK, the coalition of Scotland’s environment charities, today welcomed the inclusion of a UK Marine Bill in the Queen’s speech. We are very pleased that this historic piece of legislation will finally become a reality. The UK Marine Bill is very important for Scotland as many activities in Scottish waters are still reserved […]

A Better Deal is Possible for both Scottish Farmers and the Environment

05 Sep 2008

A new report published today by Scottish Environment LINK, to coincide with the conclusion of the Government’s consultation on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), points the way forward for a fairer distribution of funding which would help more farmers as well as the environment cope with the changing priorities for the countryside. […]

Scotlands First MSP Landscape Competition

05 Feb 2008

Scottish folksinger Jimmie Macgregor today (5th of February) announced that MSP Willie Coffey has won Scotland’s first MSP Landscape competition for his evocative description of Loudoun Valley in his Ayrshire constituency. The competition, sponsored by Scottish Environment LINK, asked MSPs to name their best loved landscape with a brief explanation of what makes their landscape […]

What State is Scotland’s Wildlife In?

24 Jan 2008

“Scotland’s rich biodiversity, with our unique range of habitats from temperate rainforest to high mountain tops, sustains a large part of our rural economies and underpins our sense of place. While we have made significant progress over the last 3 years in conserving some of that biodiversity, we still have a long way to go […]

Environment Groups Welcome Lamlash Bay Protection

21 Jan 2008

‘We welcome today’s ground-breaking announcement by the Cabinet Secretary to protect Lamlash Bay, the first time a marine area has been protected as a result of proposals developed by local representatives. The Community of Arran Seabed Trust are to be particularly commended for their tireless work in developing their proposals: surveying Lamlash Bay, raising awareness […]

Our Seas at Risk without Protected Areas

11 Jan 2008

A report calling for marine protected areas in order to safeguard wildlife of special importance to Scotland will be published today. The report by Scottish Environment LINK (LINK), a coalition of Scotland’s major environment groups, argues that a network of ‘nationally important marine areas’ must be included in the upcoming Scottish Marine Bill, if Scotland […]

Environment Groups Unite to Pressure Scottish Government over Trump Golf Plan

12 Dec 2007

Following today’s emergency meeting of Aberdeenshire Council, fourteen of Scotland’s top environmental organisations, all members of Scottish Environment LINK, have sent a joint letter to John Swinney MSP raising profound concerns about the integrity of planning process provoked by the Donald Trump’s proposed golf development in Scotland…

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