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Green Challenges to a New Government

03 Sep 2007

As ministers and MSPs return to the parliament this week, a coalition of all Scotland’s major environmental organisations have set them a challenge: Take a lead on the environment now, or soon Scotland will not be able to cope with climate change, or reverse the trends of loss of wildlife and the exhaustion of Scotland’s […]

Scottish Marine Bill welcomed, Now Action Needed to Match Rhetoric

19 Jun 2007

Scotland’s leading environment groups today welcomed the announcement by Environment Cabinet Secretary Richard Lochhead that the new Scottish government intends to introduce a Scottish Marine Bill. Speaking on behalf of the Scottish Environment LINK Marine Task Force, convenor Calum Duncan, said “We are delighted that the new government recognises Scotland’s seas are in a guddle […]

Caring for our environment is caring for Scotland – say Scottish Environment LINK Members to candidate MSPs ahead of 2016 elections

03 Apr 2007

13 April 2016 – “From the land reform debate to vital questions about health, energy policy, sustainable jobs, and the future of Scotland’s magnificent landscape and wildlife, environmental matters are at the very heart of Scottish political debate, as we approach the Holyrood elections in May”, said Scottish Environment LINK President Joyce McMillan opening LINK’s […]

UK Marine Bill Throws Down Gauntlet for Management of Scotland’s Seas.

29 Mar 2007

Welcoming the publication today of the long-awaited consultation paper on a UK Marine Bill, Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Task Force said that it is now up to the Scottish Executive to show that we can deliver for Scotland’s seas. Task Force Convenor, Calum Duncan, said, “This could be the biggest breakthrough for managing our seas […]

Call 999: an Emergency for Scotland’s Biodiversity

16 Mar 2007

5 April 2007: 1,000 days left to 2010, when the target to halt the loss of biodiversity expires. How is Scotland doing in terms of progress towards this target? See also: The report Call 999: an Emergency for Scotland’s Biodiversity

New Wave of Measures Agreed for Scotland’s Seas

12 Mar 2007

Marine spatial planning, a new Marine Management Organisation and ways to protect species and habitats that are ‘Scottish specialities’ could revolutionise how we manage our seas and coasts. These recommendations from a group of marine experts, convened by the Scottish Environment and Rural Affairs Minister Ross Finnie, could greatly benefit people and wildlife says Scottish […]

The Demise of Scottish Gin?

07 Feb 2007

Prize-giving proves tonic as Holyrood is alerted to the plight of the Juniper bush. Plantlife Scotland, the national branch of the leading UK charity working to protect wild plants, launched a report on the stark decline of Juniper during Scottish Environment Week with a competition to win a bottle of gin – aromatic Juniper berries […]

Looking After your Environment is Good for your Health

05 Feb 2007

The well-being of Scottish citizens will be the primary concern of participants in 2007’s Scottish Environment week that starts today in the Scottish Parliament. Investing in Scotland’s environment is good for your health – will be the message of the week…

Global Warming a Threat to Tourism in Scotland

01 Feb 2007

Changes in weather patterns due to global warming threaten the tourist economy in Scotland, a conference in Edinburgh will report. Climate change will be one of the key issues discussed by speakers at a conference on sustainable tourism on 1st February at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, to launch Scottish Environment week…

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