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Environment Groups Call for Action, Not More Talk, to Protect Scotland’s Seas

15 Jun 2005

Real and urgent action is needed to protect Scotland’s seas, say the members of Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Task Force. In response to today’s statement by Ross Finnie MSP, the Executive’s Environment Minister, Calum Duncan, of the Marine Conservation Society and Convener of the LINK Marine Task Force, said: “Scotland’s seas are crying out for […]

LINK members have reacted with disbelief to planning proposals

03 May 2005

The National Planning Framework, unlike similar strategies in Wales and Northern Ireland, is not a statutory document, nor is it subject to public consultation, so it cannot be challenged other than through judicial review. It is not subject to any form of inquiry, examination in public or formal adoption procedure.

Robust Planning Laws Crucial for Scotland’s Future

29 Apr 2005

In order to restore public confidence and create a planning system that reflects the needs of the 21st century, we have launched a Planning Manifesto which recommends that the following five points be incorporated into the new law…

LINK calls for Independent Body to Advise Executive on the Environment

30 Mar 2005

Scottish Environment LINK, the umbrella group for Scotland’s environmental organisations, is calling for the creation of an independent body to ensure that Scotland is a world leader in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The call follows the introduction to the Scottish Parliament last week of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Bill, which LINK welcomes as a mechanism […]

Action Urged to Protect Scotland’s Sea Life

09 Mar 2005

Representatives from Scottish Environment LINK Marine Task Force will travel to Westminster today to visit Scottish MPs in support of the Wildlife and Countryside Link’s Marine Lobby. This show of support by LINK Marine Task Force will raise awareness of the importance of a Marine Act for Scotland aimed at protecting Scottish seas, sea life […]

The Braer – 12 Years and Still Waiting for Better Protection Measures from Shipping Accidents

05 Jan 2005

Almost 12 years ago to the day the Braer tanker tanker carrying 85,000 tonnes of crude oil ran aground in hurricane force winds off the Shetland Islands. In the wake of the Braer oil spill, the Donaldson Inquiry recommended that the most sensitive and environmentally valuable parts of our coastal seas should be identified as […]

LINK members welcome the final part of the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill

29 Nov 2004

LINK question whether the Scottish Executive’s guidelines emphasise enough how the new law should be central to running the country’s public bodies. These guidelines still present the conservation of biodiversity as an optional add-on. Ultimately Scotland’s future depends on assuring the long term conservation of biodiversity, in which we are all implicated and all have […]


Sustaining Scotland’s Seas: A major Parliamentary Seminar on the Future of Scotland’s Seas

22 Sep 2004

In a major parliamentary seminar to be held today (Thursday 23rd September), Scotland’s marine environment groups and coastal community members will be telling an audience of prominent MSPs and stakeholders why a radical new approach to looking after Scotland’s seas is urgently needed.

Sand eels

Welcome News on the Future of Our Seas

19 Apr 2004

Today Scottish Environment LINK’s Marine Task Force [1] welcomed the Scottish Executive’s public consultation on how to improve management of Scotland’s seas. “We believe that a radical change is needed in the way we manage Scotland’s seas and that the introduction of new primary legislation offers an effective means of achieving this” said Darren Kindleysides, […]

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