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Don’t let our legacy be their burden

10 Jan 2018

2018, Scotland’s Year of Young People, must be the year Scotland invests in healthy seas for the benefit of current and future generations.

Ocean fronts uncovered

14 Dec 2017

Guest blogger Esther Brooker, Marine Policy Officer at WWF Scotland, dives down to uncover ocean fronts and the important role they play in our seas. Probably the most unusual and intangible feature listed for protection within Scotland’s Marine Protected Area (MPA) network, ocean fronts are not something that make the news regularly. Yet they are […]

A Permanent Plastic Challenge

30 Nov 2017

Beach litter is on the rise on Scotland’s coastline, according to the results of the Marine Conservation Society Great British Beach Clean 2017 launched today. This year beach litter rose by 7% compared to 2016, with items classed as ‘on the go’ making up 17% of all litter found on beaches. MCS Sea Champion volunteer […]

How are Scotland’s bottlenose dolphins doing?

13 Oct 2017

Guest blogger Sarah Dolman, Policy Manager at Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and Save Scottish Seas campaign member takes a look at how Scotland’s incredible bottlenose dolphins are faring in our ever busier seas.

Seagrass Meadows & Scotland’s Natural Capital

28 Sep 2017

Guest blogger Richard Lilley from Scottish Seagrass takes us underwater to explore Scotland’s Seagrass Meadows – productive coastal habitats that are an example of the valuable Natural Capital in Scotland’s Seas – and how you can get Seagrass Spotting to help map them!

Members of Scottish Parliament celebrate Scotland’s marine life

15 Sep 2017

Earlier this month, Save Scottish Seas campaign members took the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee to experience some of Scotland’s amazing marine life, and showcase Scotland’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

What news for our seas in the Programme for Government?

15 Sep 2017

Scottish Government recently announced their Programme for Scotland for the next year. With the government committed to reaching the Aichi target to halt biodiversity loss by 2020, and developing a network of coherent Marine Protected Areas (MPA), we expect this to be a busy year to keep Scotland on track. There were many welcome commitments […]

A look at the Lesser Sandeel

11 Aug 2017

Guest blogger Peadar O’Connell, Marine Policy Officer at RSPB Scotland, and Save Scottish Seas campaign member takes a closer look at the lesser sandeel (Ammodytes marinus), one of the incredible marine species swimming in Scotland’s seas.

A look at Scotland’s nature conservation Marine Protected Areas

24 Jul 2017

Guest blogger Sarah Dolman, Policy Manager at Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and Save Scottish Seas campaign member takes a look at Scotland’s nature conservation MPAs three years since their designation, and looks ahead to the next steps required.

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